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Lead Investigator 





I have been interested in the paranormal since childhood. Now I have been doing paranormal research for over 10 years. While attending The University of Central Arkansas I received a degree in Psychology with emphasis in Research Methodology, Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design. I have continued to advance my understanding of the paranormal while helping others to understand their own experiences. While in the U.S. Army, I learned how to develop training programs and to conduct classes. I feel that I now bring this experience to SPIAR.






Unlike many on our team, I have not been interested in the paranormal for a long time. With that being said, during a vacation around 2007 on a "ghost" tour I had something happen, a feeling that I could not explain  which sparked my interest.  After doing my research on many different organizations I discovered there was a wide range of ideas in this field. I’ve been, and still am, a member of other teams with scientific methodology. Some have branched out in other directions and others have gotten less active. My wanting answers I started talking to some other folks in the field and we decided to start SPIAR, and have never regretted that decision.

With my technical, logistical background, and my interest in the paranormal I’m glad to be part of SPIAR and trying to discover new information in this field and confirm others using scientific equipment and theories. I am proud to be a member and cofounder of SPIAR. I not only enjoy the pursuit of answers, but the challenge of developing new equipment and procedures in our field.

Tech Team Manager ​Greg 








Jody has a Doctorate in Public Administration with an emphasis in Policy Analysis. 

As the team researcher, Jody brings more than 10 years of experience of research experience including experimental design, data collection methodologies, and data analysis.











All my life I have seen things that no one else saw.  I have seen people that have already passed
over.  Growing up, I thought that everyone did....    Finding out more about the paranormal is a passion
of mine and I want to know more about it.   Every investigation brings us one step closer to finding it's
unlocked secret's.




       Case Manager


Investigator Debbie











Give me a good ghost story whether a book of “true” experiences or  fictional and I will read it with interest. Basically, I have always been interested in ghosts. I can't say I believe a ghost is real but I can't say that I don't either.  So, finding out that there are groups that research ghosts and the paranormal was a natural progression.

SPIAR's purpose is to research and scientifically investigate the stories that come to us from the public. I believe by working with SPIAR we will have a great start on answering the questions surrounding ghosts and the paranormal.














As a young boy I was raised on a farm in Iowa and our house was built on a
old Chinese cemetery .  We had the front door open every night although it was locked and
we could hear someone walking through the house and out to the back door and go out the door.
I have always been interested in the paranormal since.


         Investigator Jim


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