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EVP Experiment


It has been theorized that an electronic recording devices can pick up telepathic messages from our own subconscious mind. The theory is that EVPs are our own minds talking to us, telling us things that are deep in our own thoughts but we are not aware of in our conscious thought.


During our last investigation the Team set the experiment up in one room of the house. Our Hypotheses was “That the presents of an investigator has no influence on the recorded EVP”. In an attempt to prove or disprove this theory the following experiment was designed.







EVP Experiment




Each session will run for 15 minutes.

Pre-recorded question will be asked with a 30 sec. delay.

An E-pod, shadow detector, video camera, An EMF pump and voice recorder is place in the room.

The data collected during the session will be downloaded to a computer to be analyzed by the team.


Step 1: During the investigation one room will be selected. The equipment will be placed in the room with the video and recording equipment and set to run. The investigator will then leave the room. This step was to gather information of the back ground noise of the room.


Step 2: A recorder with a set of pre-recorded questions will be place in the room and set to run. The investigator will leave the room. During this session we received responses from two questions.


Step 3: An investigator will set in the room while the pre-recorded questions on the recorder are run. The investigator will remain quite during this session. During this session we received the same responses to the same questions.


Step 4: An investigator will enter the room and conduct an EVP session by asking the set of pre-selected questions. During this session we did not receive any responses to the questions asked.


This experiment will be run at several investigation and all data will be compared with the other investigations. The collected data will then be analyzed and compared from each investigation.


We would like to encourage other Teams to rum this experiment and do their own analysis.


Your team can copy this experiment if they wish. If any Team wants a copy and has trouble they can e-mail me at spiar.investigations@gmail and I will send them a copy.


Hope all has a good investigation with many to come. 


Thomas Fields


Lead Investigator


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